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Hyperopia or far-sightedness

Hyperopia, also known as far-sightedness, is the opposite of myopia or near-sightedness, that is, the optical power of the eye is insufficient or the eyeball too short, so that images focus on a point beyond the retina. Depending on age and the degree of hyperopia, a patient can compensate by accommodating, that is to say, by increasing the optical power of the eye to be able to focus. If hyperopia is not corrected, some persons can experience headaches and discomfort under the prolonged strain of having to accommodate. With age, the ability to accommodate diminishes. Far-sighted persons usually see distant objects better than they do objects nearby. This can be explained by the fact that objects further away require less accommodation than those within closer proximity. Inversely to myopia or near-sightedness, hyperopia or far-sightedness can be corrected via a positive lens in the form of eyeglasses, contact lenses or intraocular lenses. It can also be corrected with laser surgery, but the degree of correction is more limited than is the case with myopia.

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