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A chalazion is the inflammation or obstruction of one or more Meibomian glands located in the eyelids. It takes the form of a small but firm lump under the skin that can be painful at times. A chalazion occurs when the small duct that drains a Meibomian gland becomes clogged. It is important to treat chalazions before they harden. Heat seems to be the best way to treat chalazions. Warm compresses can be applied for 15-20 minutes morning and evening to soften the content of the glands. The eyelids can then be massaged to help drain the liquid and clear out the glands. It may be necessary to repeat the treatment for several months for it to be completely effective. Chalazions are often a chronic condition that requires care over a long period of time. Treatment also includes cleaning eyelids and eyelashes daily with cleansing wipes or special soap.

If this in-home treatment fails to relieve symptoms, an ophthalmologist can decide to practise an incision on the eyelid in order to drain the obstructed gland. The incision is made along the gland on the inside of the eyelid. An antibiotic ointment is prescribed to prevent infection and help healing. Chronic treatment that involves cleaning the eyelids and eyelashes, applying warm compresses and massaging the eyelids will contribute to prevent chalazions from recurring.

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