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Lacrimal system

The lacrimal system is made of several components involved in the production of tears, their distribution across the cornea (anterior surface of the eye), and their drainage. The system allows a continuous flow of new tears to avoid dehydration of the cornea and to wash out debris. Tears secreted by the lacrimal glands spread across the cornea and flow through the superior and inferior lacrimal points (lacrimal puncta) at the inner corner of the eyelids. Then, the tears are drawn into the lacrimal canals or ducts to the lacrimal sac before flowing into the nasal cavity. If one of these channels is blocked with mucus and/or shows signs of infection or inflammation, the pathway is altered. Dry eye is a complex disease that can occur owing to a disorder of the lacrimal system. This condition is explained in detail under “Eye diseases”.

  • Lacrimal duct dilation

    Lacrimal duct dilation

    Lacrimal duct dilation is not actually a treatment but rather a diagnostic test. It allows verifying the condition of the lacrimal ducts.

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  • Lacrimal plugs

    Lacrimal plugs

    Lacrimal plugs are used to increase the volume of tears inside the inferior cul-de-sac of the eye.

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