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Lacrimal duct dilation

Lacrimal duct dilation is not actually a treatment but rather a diagnostic test. It allows verifying the condition of the lacrimal ducts. Tears are produced both by the main lacrimal gland located in the upper part of the orbital cavity and by other accessory lacrimal glands. The tears are spread across the anterior surface of the eye (cornea) and then flow through the superior and inferior lacrimal points (puncta) at the inner corner of the eyelids. Then, the lacrimal ducts allow tears to flow through the lacrimal sac to finally complete the circuit in the nasal cavity. Lacrimal drainage is performed by injecting saline solution in one of the lacrimal points (punctum) to see whether it makes it way to the nasal cavity and then down the back of the mouth. If the test indicates the presence of a clog preventing the solution from flowing through the normal pathway, a procedure may need to be performed.

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